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Science Fair

My friend Neal's Chicken Video for science fair projects.

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Travel Tip

For everybody that has space problems, I have a tip ;) I bought some travel vacuum bags (from amazon but they have them also in stores and about $15 depending on size. Mine are almost too big...) you suck the air with a vacuum cleaner out and cloth get about 3 times smaller! (Rolling is also possible)

PS: Roll t-shirts and you will save also space.


Click on the picture to make it bigger and see the difference.



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PBR, Drag Race and Prom

The end is near! At least of my exchange year...

I In the last weeks we dis some pretty cool stuff!

We went last Saurday to a Professional Bull Riding. These people are literally crazy to sit on a crazy going bull! One guy got injured because he falled off and hit with his head the ground. He was lucky and has nothing too serious, but he could have broken hiis neck! The crazyest guys are the ones without a helmet and just wear their cowboy hat. a video is here


On the next day we went with the school to a Drag Race. A drag race is basically a race between two cars that "sprint" a quater mile (400m). Some of the cars were so fast that they had to be stopped with a parashute! They go up to 400 km/h! Pictures of that and very interesting cars are here


The next and best thing was prom. Prom is the Dance in the end of the year and its the biggest school event of the year! I was with my girlfriend at a nice dinner before that was provided and then later the dance started. It was a great day and defenitely my favourite day of this year! It was just great.

8 Schools together prepared prom and everybody had a different job.

Pictures are here


I almost forgot the Junior (11th grade) Senior (12th Grade) Banqet where or motto was Hawaiian and we decorated everything nice and we had a Hawaiian Dinner. There were a profici by the Juniors, what will/might happen to the senior. Then we got awards for the year and our senior, we have just one, got his scoolarships for College

Pictures come later here

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Field Trip and Ranching

Now I have time to write a little bit about our school trip. It was a great week and my favorite day was the last day because be had a great dinner in a good restaurant and then the Shakespeare festival that was really fun and nice to watch. We had to take everyday notes and I will share them for the people that want to know what we saw, did and learned. I have also a lot pictures from the trip here

Luckily we got a real travel bus so it was very comfortable.


You can download the journal I made:

  • click here ( password required )
  • or without pictures here

(Both require a office program)


I hope you enjoyed the notes and found something interesting. If you have questions feel free and leave a comment or contact me!


After the trip we were split out once again to different families and I was also again at Cody's ranch. We went snowmobiling, squirrel hunting, but also we had to brand cows which was something I have never seen or done before. The dinner were calf balls!  Than the usual feeding in the morning and this time we had to build a fence.

It was a great but hard working week. You never want to be a rancher it is really hard work and especially time intensive because there is every time something to do and things that weren't expected…

Pictures are here


My website provider decided to put commercial on here I'm sorry for that!

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Skiing, Boise Trip and School Trip

(c) Felixxxia
(c) Felixxxia

On the 03.07.2013 the whole school went to Anthony lakes skiing. It was fun and after lunch I switched my ski to a snowboard and I didn't know before that I'm that good at snowboarding too! I got some beautiful pictures of the landscape for everybody and some others here.

This was the first day I discovered issues with my credit card. I couldn't pay for my lunch and dinner... The day after that I called my parents and told them to check my credit card and the bank told me that i had to wait for 14 days (expiring 2 days later) until my credit card works again.

On Saturday we went to Boise where the card also not worked... There we went to a Boise State Basketball game which Boise won 69 to 65. It was a great game to watch.   We stayed in a hotel and the next day we went to the mall, we were drinking a coffee before that because the mall opens at 11 a.m. At lunch time I was with Thada, Ing and Maurice, in a Thai restaurant I found it next to the mall and it was great whenever you see one try Phad Thai (noodles) and a soup called Tom Yam Gung. It was awesome!!! Privat photos are here.

We had a great weekend and I see forward to the school trip below this :)


Sincerely Felix


Boise Trip 03.08 - 03.08 2013

(c) Felixxxia
(c) Felixxxia

School Trip 03.17 - 03.21 2013


Day 1    

                Unity -> Bend

                                High Desert Museum

                Bend -> Newport

Day 2

                                Oregon Coast Aquarium

                                (+ Free time) Beach

Day 3

                Newport -> Florence

                                Sea Lion Caves

                Florence -> Roseburg

                                Wild live Safari

Day 4

                Roseburg -> Ashland

                                Science Discovery Center

                                Shakespeare - The Taming of the Shrew

Day 5

                Ashland -> Unity

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